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Focus Eyup apartments in Istanbul

Located at the center of Istanbul and overlooking Kemerburgaz forests, Focus Eyup invites you to have a perfect lifestyle. Opening your window is enough for clean forest air. A life nested in nature awaits at your home. The premium building materials allow you to have an  A+ life at Focus Eyup. Blended with fine architectural touches, all modern innovations met on a modern and healthy line. Besides a warm home, Focus Eyup offers a new lifestyle where you can enjoy every moment at home. The apartments have an integrated smart home system where you can manage your home by your phone. If you are looking for investment  Focus Eyup has a high-value, considering its location and features.

Project Region:

The project is located in the historic and culturally rich Eyup Sultan district on the European side of Istanbul. Eyup Sultan district is distinguished by its breathtaking view of the golden horn gulf,  historic prominence, and unique local architecture. Some of the significant landmarks in the region include the Eyup Sultan Mosque and the tomb of Abu Eyup Al Ansari, a companion of the prophet. In addition, the district is hosting various entertainment facilities like the Vialand theme park, and a selection of shopping centers like Forum İstanbul and Axis mall. Eyup Sultan is considered a region of significant investment value owing to its central location and its hosting of various touristic attractions.   


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