What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property?

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property?

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property?

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey:

- It is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship through property owned in Turkey in installments, and the payment for it was started after 12/01/2017, and you received the ownership document after 19/09/2018.
The property value must not be less than $250,000.
The property must be purchased from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish company.
Obtaining the evaluation from the real estate department (Tabu) at the real price of the property, bearing in mind that the evaluation period does not exceed three months.
- The evaluation amount should not be higher than the purchase amount, taking into account the presence of value added tax so that the evaluation value is equal to the purchase price without the tax.
- That the investor has obtained the title deed of the property or a contract of promise to sell certified by the notary and registered with the real estate registry, provided that the price has been transferred in full.
The transfer notice must be $250,000 or more from the buyer's personal account to the owner's or project's account, while avoiding transfer through agencies. In the case of purchasing from a project, it should be noted that the name of the account holder transferred to him is different from the name of the property owner, as in this case a document must be requested proving the relationship between them (according to the ownership of the land for the project or for an external owner).
The transfer notice must include an explanation of the reason for the transfer (purchasing a property, for example, including the apartment number and building number).
The notice must be certified by the authority that issued it, for example the bank.
The requirement to present a bank receipt in applications to obtain citizenship through real estate purchased from joint ventures with the public sector, such as TOKİ and Emlak Konut, has been waived.
- The application for citizenship can be submitted during or after the transfer of ownership, indicating that the property was purchased with the aim of benefiting from the citizenship law and a pledge not to sell for a period of three years.
- If there is a mortgage on the property, it must be lifted within five days from the date of purchase to benefit from it by applying for citizenship (it is preferable to raise it before transferring ownership).
- There is no time frame for purchase, i.e. more than one property can be purchased at different intervals in order to obtain citizenship, with attention to making a new evaluation of all properties upon submitting the application.
- In the case of buying a property in installments or under construction:

= All installments must be paid before submitting the application.
= Obtaining a conciliatory title deed (Kat Irtifaki), which is a title deed that proves the title holder’s right to the building that will be built or that will be built on a specific piece of land, and it is recorded in the records of the real estate department (Tabu), and in it is mentioned the location and number of each Part of it and to whom it belongs to, and in the event of completion of the project or construction with the approval of the housing from the municipality (if it conforms to the Turkish standard conditions and standards), the easement deed turns into a full title deed.
= There is no mortgage on it (in the event of a mortgage, it must be ensured that it can be raised).


What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Extracting a tax number
A copy of the title deed or title deed.
- Payment received from the buyer's account.
- Payment access from the adult account.
Valid real estate appraisal report.
A certificate of conformity (to be taken from the title deed directorate, where the property specifications are fixed to the condition set for it in the title deed directorate).
- Two copies of the power of attorney for the application for citizenship, submitted by the investor to the legal team to submit the citizenship file, and follow up with the official departments.
- Passport with translation into Turkish, and attestation by a notary public in Turkey.
A copy of the residence.
Residence application form.
Biometric personal photos.
- Valid health insurance.

There is an important point is that the investor who applied for Turkish citizenship must submit the official papers for his family, including his wife and children who are under 18 years old.

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship for the wife and children?

1- A valid passport.
2- A copy of the residence permit (if they are in Turkey).
3- Marriage contract.
4- Take out the record.
5- Family book.
6- Selfies
7- Application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish economy is one of the 20 most powerful economies in the world, which opens up various investment opportunities for you.
- The Turkish passport ranks 38th globally for 2019, and its holder has the right to travel to 71 countries without a visa, and to 44 countries by obtaining a visa upon arrival automatically, and two countries are granted visa via the Internet directly and routinely.
- The possibility of medical and education at lower prices than most of the neighboring countries and with a quality classified globally.
- Increasing and growing investment advantages in Turkey with facilities for Turkish citizenship holders.
The family members of the foreign investor under the age of 18 are granted the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the investor.

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey:

The existence of affordable and highly feasible investment opportunities for foreign investors resulting from the gradual decline in the value of the Turkish lira, which caused a relatively sharp decline in real estate prices compared to the US dollar.
The advantages of Turkish citizenship as a result of these investments.
- There is no requirement in the investment law for the purpose of obtaining citizenship that determines the type of invested real estate, meaning that the foreign investor has the freedom to choose what he deems appropriate, such as residential, commercial, land and others.
Real estate can be purchased with comfortable installments, provided that the citizenship application is submitted after the completion of the installments (if desired).
- Turkey's geographical location and its concentration between Arab and Western countries, in addition to its economic strength and tourist attraction.
Enjoying the benefits of housing or being disabled in Turkey, which is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Ease of renting, investing or reselling the property due to the booming real estate market in Turkey.

Other options for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Investment by founding a company: a value of $500,000, provided that the amount is entered from abroad.
Investment by bank deposit: The minimum deposit in Turkish banks with the aim of obtaining citizenship is $500,000 instead of $3 million, provided that the deposit is made for a period of three years without withdrawal or modification.
Investment by purchasing government bonds: The minimum purchase amount for government bonds with the aim of obtaining citizenship is $500,000 instead of $3 million, provided that the purchase is for a period of three years without withdrawal or modification.
Investment by employing Turkish employees: The minimum number of Turkish employees to be employed in order to obtain citizenship has become 50 employees instead of 100 employees for a period of at least six months.
A wife who does not hold any of the nationalities prohibited from owning property in Turkey can invest in a real estate with an amount of $250,000 or more, and accordingly, citizenship is granted to the husband and children under 18 years old.

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