Taksim district in Istanbul

Taksim district in Istanbul

The Taksim area is one of the most famous and most visited tourist areas in Istanbul, as you see the area crowded with visitors around the clock, due to its location in the center of Istanbul. The Taksim area includes the main Istanbul streets such as Istiklal Street, popular and modern shopping centers, in addition to restaurants and cafes.

History and naming of area Taksim  :

The area was established during the reign of Sultan Mahmud I in the Ottoman era, it was called Taksim because it was dividing the main water lines to distribute them to the city of Istanbul.
Taksim is considered one of the oldest areas of Istanbul, and it is the center of the city and a destination for tourists.

  • Taksim Square is one of the most important and famous areas of tourism in Istanbul thanks to its central location in the center of Istanbul
  • Next to the main streets of Istanbul, such as Istiklal Street, Istanbul, and popular and modern shopping centers
  • Perhaps it is one of the places that comes to your mind whenever you wonder where to go in Istanbul

Taksim Square Taksim Meydanı :

Taksim Square represents the center of the modern area in (Beyoglu), which is the square of the apparent monument of the Republic, which was established in 1928 AD, designed by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. It was opened on the fifth anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic. The square and the neighborhood have become a favorite destination for tourists in the city

Taksim Mosque Taksim Cami :

A mosque overlooking Taksim Square, one of the newly built mosques, opened in the year 2021 by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and it continued to be built for 4 years.

Galata Tower Galata Kulesi Müzesi :

It is located at the end of Istiklal Street, it was built instead of the old tower that was built during the era of the Byzantine Empire in the year 528 AD which was destroyed during the Crusade and was renovated several times since 1348 AD used as a watchtower and protection for the city from the enemies, . It is 205 feet long and 29.4 feet in diameter and included a restaurant at the top of the tower overlooking On the Bosphorus Strait and displays some artistic activities.

Galatasaray bath  Galatasaray Hamam :

It is one of Istanbul's famous baths, dating back to the middle of the 15th century AD, located in the Galatasaray Tower complex in the charming Taksim district of Istanbul, and in one of the side streets of Galata Tower.
The bathroom was built in 1715 AD with a classic architectural design for the Turkish baths, and it was renovated in 1965 AD, and a small section for women was added during this renovation. Being ranked among the most touristic places in Istanbul...
When you visit Istiklal Street, you must pass the Galata Museum of Dervish Shows, which was built in honor of the celebration of the famous Dervish band in Turkey. Many artifacts and documents dating back to previous eras are preserved in the museum.

Famous Pera Museum Pera Museum:

Which contains a lot of impressive international and local exhibits and is located in the heart of Istiklal Street, Turkey

Pandoor Library Panad Bookstore :

One of the rare bookstores, where you find world-wide bestsellers in Turkish and English, as well as maps, travel books, and books on Ottoman and Turkish history.

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