Who we are?

Aren Property is a regional Turkish enterprise based in the world’s dominating center of investments and architectural advancement, Istanbul.
Aren Property specializes in consultation conducts and managerial processes in regards to real estate and the re-selling of property.

The extensive network of connections instilled within the professional dynamics of Aren Property place the company on a prominent pedestal of recognition. Aren Property posses connections and establishments in various continents and regions starting with the Gulf, Iraq, North African states, Africa, Europe, and North Asia.

Since it’s inception, Aren Property has established strategic agreements with pioneering enterprises in the field of real estate in Istanbul, Bursa, Yaloa, Trabzun, Antalya, Alanya, Izmir, and Bodrum.

Aren believes that it’s partners, whether Arabian or Foreign, to be the center of attention. According to the market contributors, Aren Real Estate delivers elaborate services to clients via its endeavors to maintain cordial links with companies that operate in distinct industries such as tourism, health, university admissions, academics, investment and managerial consultations, and conference coordinations

Our vision

Aren Property operates to attain its vision of becoming a leading name in the realm of real estate on a regional and a global level. Likewise, the standards of care and level of professionalism by which Aren Property handles its transactions is of world-class quality. Providing satisfactory conducts for sellers and buyers alike.

Our message

Our message is to deliver unique establishments for investments and accommodation for clients to assist them in claiming rare opportunities that meet their vision and requirements. Our special team of real estate consultants and specialists are constantly vigilant to rising opportunities in the market. Studying possibilities and identifying potential in present projects.

All that occurs under Aren Property passes through legal and authorized processed agreements between industries.

Our services

  • Legal real estate investment advisory
  • Providing housing opportunities and options
  • Providing investment opportunities with the best return on investment
  • Providing opportunities for financing apartments through banks
  • Customer service after sale and ownership
  • Resale and rental guarantee

Our Values

  • Authentic care and dedication for our clients.
  • Transparent honesty with handling partners.
  • Loyalty towards employees and experts.

Our methodology

  • Comprehensive analysis and studying of complete projects and real estate options.
  • Training of real estate agents and qualifying them towards the professional competence the industry necessitates.
  • Building and maintaining values of trust with clients through assisting them to locate options and alternatives that have been thoroughly analyzed by experts
  • Operating within a strategic execution of plans that involves modern interior design with comfortable furniture to enjoy a cutting-edge mood.

Our real estate options

Commercial complexes are among the best real estate options in our company, and they are distinguished by their social services, green areas, car parks, security and special protection and safety systems for children and the diversity of their facilities.

Existing and under construction residential projects

Which is characterized by a good price, modernity of construction, fixtures and finishes that combine modernity and the experience of history. There are also many options, locations and distinctive views. It is characterized by the presence of areas under construction that contain the charm of the region such as Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece and Bahçeşehir.

Villas and independence

A considerable number of our clients are searching for the autonomy and serenity of freestanding villas in numerous zones such as Istanbul, within distinct projects and places.

Why Turkey?

  • A package of facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for purchasing the property
  • The Turkish passport is ranked 39th in the world
  • Turkish passport granted entry to 72 countries
  • The Turkish passport holder benefits from the retirement program
  • Dual nationality with the possibility of retaining your nationality.
  • Geographical location: a link between Europe and Asia, the aviation network and the new airport.
  • The development of the business, modern and monetary economy and the speed of financial improvement.
  • Modern university education: Turkey owns many universities with different specializations.

Why Aren Real Estate?

Investing in real estate has become a process marred with challenges and obstacles in the competitive nature of the industry.

Provided the exponential expansion of the market, the presence of experts in the field with high qualifications to search and evaluate property and skill flexible enough for the fast-paced nature of the market becomes a necessity.

At Aren Property, we have assembled a team of high caliber and experience in the field to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients in the field of real estate.

  • Provides the best options for investment owing to its strategic location that offers alternatives for various financial plans
  • The experienced team of consultants at Aren Property is capable of under standing the market and finding opportunities via thorough analysis.
  • Aims to exceed profit limits for clients via extensive knowledge of high success opportunities.
  • Aren Property constantly scrutinizes the available choices through a data collection rich with projects. In addition to strong trade and social rela tions that allows an intrusive access to the market.
  • The entreprise of Aren Property provides consultants and lawyers special ized in legal operations in Turkey to guarantee and monitor legal pur chase and selling processes via official contracts certified by the Turkish government. The security that Aren Property provides contributed exten sively to its reputation.

Aren Real Estate Team

Our rapid growth in the Turkish Real estate market is due to the knowledge and the quality of Aren Real estate ‘agents. Aren Real Estate values honesty, transparency and clarity above all. So, whether you are looking to rent or buy property in Turkey. Our specialist teams will take you through the process from start to finish and beyond.