What are the advantages of real estate residence?

What are the advantages of real estate residence?

What are the advantages of real estate residence?

The details of what is real estate residency, its features, and how to obtain real estate residency

What is real estate residency?

Real estate residence in Turkey is a type of short-term residence granted to those who own real estate or property in Turkey, and the property must be a residential house and used by the applicant for housing. the wife and children under the age of 18 are allowed to get this residence permit as an accompanying for the owner, and the period of residence is a maximum of two years, subject to extension.

Steps to apply for real estate residence in Turkey

  1. Extract all the required documents and prepare them before proceeding to the next step (except for the application form and receipt of payment of fees)
  2. Fill out the application form on the Immigration Department's website in the "first time" section.
  3. The site will book an interview appointment at the earliest date, and the interview venue, date and time will appear on the page (keep this information, it is very important)
  4. Print the application (the site will save the application as an electronic PDF file) You can print this file
  5. Gather all the required documents together
  6. Ensure that the documents are complete and that the form is signed by the applicant
  7. Collect all documents in a file to present them together in the interview (and in the case of the applicants a family, a separate file must be prepared for each application)
  8. At the interview, you can ask for a free translator
  9. After accepting the documents from the responsible staff, you will be required to pay the fees at the treasury office (within the same building). When you pay the amount, you will get a receipt . Return this receipt to the first person and he will give you a document that proves the application and makes your status legal until the issuance of the residence card

What are the advantages of real estate residence in Turkey?

  1. Staying by legal in Turkey during the period of living in.
  2. Granting real estate residency to the companions of the property owner who are the wife and children under the age of 18
  3. Annual renewal of residence
  4. Moving between Turkish cities with no need to get travel permission.
  5. Obtaining education and health services in Turkey for free or for small amounts
  6. After 8 years of real estate residency, the owner is entitled to apply for permanent residency

What documents are required for real estate residency?

  1. Entry stamp to Turkey.
  2. Reserving and scheduling an appointment for an interview.
  3. Pay the taxes you owe, and the visa tax.
  4. The owner of the property must be located in the Turkish state.
  5. Real estate title deed (Tabu), to be certified by a notary public.
  6. Five personal photos for each family member.
  7. Health insurance for each family member in Turkey.
  8. Getting a number for the property from the municipality.
  9. Family book, and birth certificates for children under 18 years old.
  10. A valid passport for six months.
  11. A copy of the lease contract (in case the owner lives in another house).

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