Have you heard about the Kucukcekmece region?

Have you heard about the Kucukcekmece region?

Have you heard about the Kjok Jekmja area? Let's take a look at this amazing area

Origin and history of the region Küçükçekmece:

  • The city was called in the past "Region" in an area called Tiposto today, as it passed through "Egnatia", one of the most important ancient roads linking the Roman Empire with Byzantium, through the region. Historical sources mention that this area collapsed due to a major earthquake.
  • The lake was formed as a result of the melting of ice in the last geological period, which led to the division of the Strait of Jinan Qalaa and filled the Marmara pit, and the mouths of the ancient valley sank due to this sea invasion and “Riya” appeared as a result of the Gulf, and with time

Area and population of an area Küçükçekmece  :

  • The area of Kıçukkımja area is about 37.73 thousand square kilometers, while the length of its lake is 14 square kilometers, and it is inhabited by about 785 thousand people.
  • The coastal ring became a lake and although the estuary of the lake was closed by the coastal ring, the connection of the lake to the sea remained through a 1.5 meter deep gorge.
  • For this reason, the waters of the lake are semi-saline surrounded by limestone and sand, and the Naqash Stream flows into it to the east, the Ashkenose Stream to the west, and the Sazeldere River between them.

The most important archaeological sites in the region Küçükçekmece :

  • Yrimburgaz Caves, located in the northern part of Lake Kucukcekmece, date back to the Paleolithic period.
  • Région inscriptions date back to between the second century BC and the second century AD.
  • Treasurer Sultan Selim I.
  • Cemetery of Mr. Abd al-Salam
  • Mimar Sinan Bridge from the seventeenth century.
  • Kucukcekmece Square Fountain from the 18th century.

area location Küçükçekmece  :

  • It is located in the western European part of Istanbul, 15 km west of Istanbul, and is bordered to the east by the regions of Esenyurt and Avcilar.
  • From the north, the Başakşehir district, to the south, the Marmara Sea and Bakirkoy district, and from the west, the Bagcilar district.
  • Kucukcekmece extends over a wide plain, in the middle of which is the magnificent Büyükçekmece Lake, a typical lake that is considered one of the strangest and rarest lakes in the world and covers an area of 14 km.
  • The Sazeldere River runs 40 km in the region. Sazildere is the most important river in Istanbul that flows into Kucukcekmece Lake.
    It flows in the southeast direction, collecting the waters of the small aquifers in the south of the village of Dorson. And pours into the lake after expanding its base near Lake Kucukcekmece.
  • Sazilidere, which has an area of ​​84 square kilometers of precipitation.
  • As for the Niqash table, it is considered the second river that flows into Lake Kucukcekmece, with an approximate area of ​​43 square kilometers. It is also distinguished by its wide coastline on the Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • The E-5 expressway and the Bos metro line pass through it, as well as the very important Marmaray metro station that connects the two largest metro stations in Istanbul, and the TEM highway that passes through this area has increased transportation options between Iketeli and Istanbul.

Entertainment places and cultural centers in the region Küçükçekmece :

There are many shopping centers in the area such as Arena Park Center, Trandyol Center, Halkley Center, and other shops that provide all the requirements for a happy life.
The region also has many cultural centers, in which there are 4 cultural centers:

  • Center for Culture and the Arts (CKS)
  • Halkali Center for Culture and Arts (HKSM)
  • Sivakoy Culture and Arts Center (SKSM)
  • Yahya Kamal Bayatli Center for the Performing Arts (YKB).

Universities and schools in the area Küçükçekmece :

In addition to the 96 public schools, 12 are private schools. , 3 primary schools, 4 secondary schools in addition to 3 universities in the region: Istanbul Ariel University, Istanbul Aydin University, and Zaim Sabahattin University.
The Basketball Association is located in Istanbul Turkey since 2009, and Kucukcekmece Youth and Sports Basketball Club is located. There is also a football field called: Koçekcekmece Metin Oktay Stadium in the area. The Ataturk Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 80,000 people.
In addition to some annual activities, events and festivals, they vary between cultural and popular ones, such as the fishing festival, and the region is distinguished by the water sports festival that is commensurate with its nature.

Is Küçükçekmece suitable for housing or investment? 

Kucukcekmece area is very suitable for real estate investment as well as for family housing, because of its location near the new Istanbul airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal, in addition to its proximity to the medical city of Başakşehir and the industrial city. Transportation, universities, schools and hospitals are available.

You can see the projects and apartments available for sale in Istanbul:

  1. Residential project in the distinctive area of ​​Basaksehir
  2. Emaar is the world's leading construction company
  3. In the Beyoglu district, where the heart of art, entertainment, culture and history beats
  4. Residential project with views of the Marmara Sea
  5. A residential project for a company that is one of the largest real estate development and construction companies in the Spartacoli area
  6. A project located in the center of Istanbul, as it mixes between civilization and history due to its proximity to the Fatih and Bakirkoy districts, in addition to the Marmara Sea
  7. An investment project located in the Basin Express area, the new investment center in the European section
  8. Residential project in Kartal district with direct views of the sea and the Princess Islands
  9. New project in Basaksehir Elite Garden
  10. Our project in Basaksehir, which is distinguished by its best infrastructure and proximity to the new airport
  11. A project with distinctive views of Kucukcekmece Lake 🇹🇷
  12. It has wonderful panoramic views of the Bosphorus and the Top Palace
  13. Our project is near the most important tourist areas 🇹🇷
  14. A residential project with wonderful views and distinctive services in an area considered the strongest at the level of investment
  15. A unique experience to live a lifestyle that achieves prosperity and stability for you and your family

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