Where is AVCILR located?

Where is AVCILR located?

Where is AVCILR located? :

It is one of the areas that is distinguished by its beautiful coastline that extends on the Sea of Marmara. It is located in the European section of Istanbul. It is bordered to the east by Büyükçekmeçe and its lake with wonderful views, and to the west by Beylikdüzü. From the north, it is bordered by Esenyurt, and from the south, it is bordered by the Marmara Sea. In addition to its proximity to the new Istanbul Water Canal project

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History of AVCILR  Region: 

Avcilar is considered one of the ancient regions, which still has some monuments, such as the Royal Fishing Lodge, which is one of the archaeological monuments from the Ottoman era. Avcilar Municipality became independent in 1992 under Law No. 3806.

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Area and population of AVCILR

Avclır has an area of about 42.59 square kilometers and a population, according to the 2019 census, about 448,882 thousand people.

AVCILR Transportation  :

Avclır is considered one of the areas where all services are available, as the metrobus line passes through it, which is the backbone of life in Istanbul, linking the European part with the Asian part, as it facilitates transportation during periods of congestion, as well as the E-100 highway, and it is about 26 km which is about 30 minutes.

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Universities and Schools in AVCILR Region: 

There are schools of all levels in the region, governmental, private and international kindergartens. The famous Istanbul University is located in the center of Istanbul, which varies in its medical, engineering, technical sciences and business administration. There are also hospitals such as Avcilar Governmental Hospital.

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Malls and entertainment in  AVCILR area :

There are also markets such as the famous Marmara Market, bazaars and malls such as the Palcan Mall in Cihan Ker near the E-5 highway. In addition to bank branches and ATMs.

As for the coastal area, it is characterized by the beauty of its sea views, and along the coast there are many restaurants, cafes, parks and parks, such as Şht, Ensıgn Mustafa parkı and Avclır Sahiı parkı, which is characterized by its walking and cycling paths.

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In addition to these areas, there is the Snow Parkı Museum, which is considered one of the best areas of entertainment in the summer period.

Avclır has become one of the most prosperous areas after the increase in demand for apartments for sale due to its sea view, the availability of services in it, the increase in urbanization, the multiplicity of projects and its modern and contemporary patterns.

Reasons to make Avcilar suitable for housing and investment:

  • Avcilar's unique location, which is close to many vital areas
  • Its distinct sea views, as well as the views of the apartments for sale in it
  • Its serviced transportation network, the most important of which is the Metrobus line, which is the backbone of life in Istanbul
  • The vital facilities of this serviced area
  • There are many shopping centers in or near them
  • Also, the Avcilar region is mainly characterized by its crowdedness with tourists because of its location, of course
  • Many investors are heading to invest in commercial real estate in Avcilar, and another category of investors is also heading to invest in apartments suitable for student housing, as there are a number of universities in Avcilar.
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Avcilar Beach:

Next to Avcilar Beach, there are many luxury restaurants, cafes and recreational facilities

Also, on the coast of Avcilar region, there are children's playgrounds and lanes for walking and cycling

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Snow Museum in  AVCILR District:

The Snow Museum is located in the Torium Mall adjacent to the Avcilar area, so it is visited by many tourists and residents in the summer to enjoy its cold weather and also to play snow and ice games, which of course suit all ages, young and old.

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  6. A project located in the center of Istanbul, as it mixes between civilization and history due to its proximity to the Fatih and Bakirkoy districts, in addition to the Marmara Sea
  7. An investment project located in the Basin Express area, the new investment center in the European section
  8. Residential project in Kartal district with direct views of the sea and the Princess Islands
  9. New project in Basaksehir Elite Garden
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  12. It has wonderful panoramic views of the Bosphorus and the Top Palace
  13. Our project is near the most important tourist areas 🇹🇷
  14. A residential project with wonderful views and distinctive services in an area considered the strongest at the level of investment
  15. A unique experience to live a lifestyle that achieves prosperity and stability for you and your family

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